Penpal Number - #FAN001
Name: Hannah Mariska
Age: 18+
Blog: My Book Journey
Reads: YA and Fantasy
Bio: Hello all. I'm Hannah, 30 and live in London. I enjoy reading YA, fantasy, and occasionally science fiction. I love books by Neil Gaiman, and my favourite films include The Fifth Element, Zoolander and Practical Magic. I attempt to write, screenplays and fiction, and hope one day I can actually finish a book (or at least a short story)! I work with schools in my day job, but secretly want to act and write professionally. I am unfortunately very bad at languages despite my attempts to learn. But I will try to fumble my way through a few sentences in other languages.
The type of penpal I would like: I'm happy to correspond with bloggers in or outside the UK, and blogging/reviewing a variety of genres. (I have lots of pretty stationery and want to share it with everyone!) Although age 18+ is a preference, again I'm flexible on this.

Penpal Number - #FAN002
Name: Rachel
Age: 18+
Blog: The Rest Is Still Unwritten
The kind of books I read: YA and Fantasy
Bio: Hello everyone! My name is Rachel and I’m a 21 year old Aussie who lives in Sydney. I’m a book lover and blogger (duh) who will devour anything supernatural or paranormal. I most read YA but I love my PNR as well and I also enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, dystopian and the occasional contemporary novel. I’m a massive Cassandra Clare, Richelle Mead, Maria V. Snyder, Gena Showalter, Sarah Alderson, J.R. Ward, Maggie Stiefvater, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Julie Kagawa fan as well as sooooo many more. Other than reading, I love to write, listen to music and eat sushi. I’m addicted to Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Bones, One Tree Hill and Home and Away (Aussie soap). I’m a full time student and I work part time for a real estate. I couldn’t live without my family and am often described as clumsy, chatty and a “good girl” though if only they knew..... ;)
Type of pen pal I would like: Unfortunately English is the only language I know but I’m really excited about the prospect of making a new friend—boy, girl, whatever age. As long as you’re interested in chatting about books often and in getting to know me I’m game! Can’t wait to make a new friend!

Penpal Number - #FAN003
Name: Jo
Age: 18+
Blog: Once Upon a Bookcase.
Reads: YA and Fantasy
Bio: Hey everyone, I'm Jo (the one currently running Book Blogger Penpals!), and I'm 25. I live in London, and work as a bookseller. I'm a huge fan of urban fantasy, whether it's adult or YA, but love the majority of YA books too. My favourite novel is The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, and I loved the movie, too! I have run blog events that have looked into important teen issues; Sex in Teen Lit Month, Body Image and Self-Perception Month, and Death and Bereavement Week. Away from the blog, I love going to the cinema, the theatre (when I can), the pub, and spending time with my family. Unfortunately, I can only speak English.
The type of penpal I would like: I'm happy to write to bloggers from the UK and outside the UK, reviewing any genres, preferably 18+.

Penpal Number - #FAN004
Name: Celine
Age: 18+
Blog name: Nyx Book Reviews
Reviews: Fantasy, dystopian or paranormal YA, horror, urban-fantasy, paranormal romance or epic fantasy.
Bio: Hi everyone, I'm Celine, an 18-year-old Cultural Sciences student from The Netherlands. I love reading both YA and adult books, as long as it has any kind of fantasy or paranormal influence. A few of my favourite authors are Diana Peterfreund, Karen Marie Moning, Kim Harrison and Mira Grant. One day I hope to be a published author, but until that happens I'm hoping to get a career in publishing. When I'm not reading I love to watch TV shows (How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and New Girl) or go to music concerts.
The type of penpal I would like: Preferably someone living in the EU, but which country doesn't matter much to me. I'd love to write with someone who reads the same kind of books like me, preferably 18+.

Penpal Number - #FAN005
Name: Tamara
Age: 18+ (well over…)
Blog: Shelf Addiction
Reviews: YA and adult urban fantasy, and paranormal romance.
Bio: I’m a 30 something, suburbanite, raised in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. I’m married to the best husband in the world. I'm a blogger, book reviewer, jewelry designer, a lover of all things decadent; books, food, wine, cute jewelry, the perfect Cosmo and last but not least, travel!! I’m a self proclaimed Foodie, Book Addict and World Traveler.
I've been reviewing fiction books since I was in high school. Every book I read, I reviewed it and organized it by year in a 3 ring binder. Cheesy, I know. This is me, a bookaholic and book reviewer. Since I have long outgrown wanting to hand write book reviews in a 3 ring binder, I started adding my reviews to I wanted to share my love of books with even more fellow readers, and to do that I had to reach those beyond the goodreads community. In addition to my love of reading books I love to talk about them too! I've been told more than once when talking about what happened in a book, "It sounds like a movie!" I guess that must mean that I get super excited about books I enjoy.
I read and review fiction only. Once in a blue moon I may read a nonfiction book, but it’s usually under duress! I’m mostly read adult fiction: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and some General Fiction. I also enjoy YA Urban Fantasy.
The type of penpal I would like: I would prefer a penpal over the age of 21. My penpal can live anywhere in the world. I don’t speak any other languages, so they’d have to be proficient in English. I’d also prefer a penpal that reads similar genres to me.

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