The Netherlands

Penpal Number - #NL001
Name: Celine
Age: 18+
Blog name: Nyx Book Reviews
Reviews: Fantasy, dystopian or paranormal YA, horror, urban-fantasy, paranormal romance or epic fantasy.
Bio: Hi everyone, I'm Celine, an 18-year-old Cultural Sciences student from The Netherlands. I love reading both YA and adult books, as long as it has any kind of fantasy or paranormal influence. A few of my favourite authors are Diana Peterfreund, Karen Marie Moning, Kim Harrison and Mira Grant. One day I hope to be a published author, but until that happens I'm hoping to get a career in publishing. When I'm not reading I love to watch TV shows (How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and New Girl) or go to music concerts.
The type of penpal I would like: Preferably someone living in the EU, but which country doesn't matter much to me. I'd love to write with someone who reads the same kind of books like me, preferably 18+.

Penpal Number - #NL002
Name: Lola
Age: 18+
Blog name: Lola's Reviews
Reviews: YA, NA and adult and occasionaly I will try a MG book. I like everything from dystopia, urban fantasy, fantasy, contemporary, romance. I don't like horror books and am not a big fan of sci-fi, but will pick up some sci-fi books if they appeal to me. I love original books and three things that are really important for me in books are: the story, the characters and the world building. I love world building! Some of my favourite authors are: David Estes, Kelley Armstrong, Richelle Mead, Rachel Vincent, Karen Marie Moning.
Bio: I have studied psychology and majored in economic and consumer psychology. I am very interested in everything concerning online marketing and social media and I try very hard to find a job in that direction. At the moment I am doing an awesome internship at a publishing company of e-books and I hope to make my job of it. Besides reading I love walking and playing games. But mostly I just read or sit behind my computer. I live in the Netherlands, but would love to live somewhere with more nature. I love good food, but usually am too lazy to actually make something myself. I speak Dutch (obviously) and English (although my writing and reading of English is a lot better than when I actually try to speak). Also there might be some spelling and grammatical errors in my letters, because I am just not good with spelling and grammar and often just read over my own mistakes, so apologies for that in advance.
The type of penpal I would like: I would prefer a penpal who lives in the US, because I like reading about the US and would like to interact with someone who actually lives there. And well it would be good if you like the same books as me, but I also would like to get introduced to new books.

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