Penpal Number - #VAR001
Name: Amber at The Musings of ALMYBNENR
Age: 18+
Blog: The Musings of ALMYBNENR
Reads: Various
Bio: I am 27 years old and I live in the state of Maryland. I am a kid at heart as well as an avid reader. I have always loved books, starting in elementary school with Francine Pascal’s various Sweet Valley Twins series. My tastes have expanded since then and I am not afraid to read outside of my comfort zone to discover new and exciting reads. I read mostly young adult books of various genres (fantasy, historical, paranormal, contemporary, steampunk) as well as some children’s and adult books (when it comes to adult books I mainly read historical fiction), but any book that catches my interest is game.
I love history. I have a Bachelor’s degree in History (I minored in Medieval Studies) and I have a Master of Library Science degree.
I am currently unemployed and looking for work, specifically at public libraries.
My other loves besides books are my family, my dogs Rudy (Doberman Pinscher) and Tally (Miniature Pinscher), the FX television series Sons of Anarchy, ABC’s Once Upon a Time, and NBC’s Grimm. I have an obsession with most anything Jim Shore, Longaberger, Tinkerbell, tassel dolls, the Tudor era, cherries, owls, and giraffes.
I know a small amount of Spanish and a bit of German.
The type of penpal I would like: I am open to penpals of any age with any taste in books from anywhere around the world!

Penpal Number - #VAR002
Name: Emma
Age: 18+
Blog: Read Bake Stitch
Reviews: YA, historical fiction, dystopian, various.
Bio: Hello! I'm Emma, I am 23 years old and currently studying English at university in Aberdeen, Scotland. Having already received a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing I decided I want to study something I love. BOOKS! My blog is quite new, but I love the book blogging community and would love to meet even more like minded readers. Other than reading I love to bake and I am currently teaching myself how to crochet.
I work part time at a cupcake stall which is so much fun, though looking at cakes all day is so very tempting. As part of my course I am taking a French class, and having studied it for most of my life, I have a very limited grasp on it. Such a beautiful (but complicated) language.
The type of penpal I would like: Anyone and everyone in and outside of the UK. Would love to converse with a native French speaker, so I can eventually read French books and improve my understanding. Would prefer age 18+ but I am very welcoming to any age.

Penpal Number - #VAR003
Name: Kay
Age: 18+
Blog: The Page Turner
Reviews: YA, Romance, Fantasy
Bio: Quite new to the blogging world but it's such an excellent way to talk about books and get it all out there. I read really widely, but particularly love YA fiction and dystopian fiction (all dystopian, from 1984 or Divergent) and love a good romance. I live in the UK and I am the daughter of an author so I get lots of good recommendations. Think this blogger pen pals is a great idea though and look forward to chatting to other bloggers!
The type of penpal I would like: Anyone! I'm in my 20s but would like to speak to anyone of any age/nationality/interests!

Penpal Number - #VAR004
Name: Lola
Age: 18+
Blog name: Lola's Reviews
Reviews: YA, NA and adult and occasionaly I will try a MG book. I like everything from dystopia, urban fantasy, fantasy, contemporary, romance. I don't like horror books and am not a big fan of sci-fi, but will pick up some sci-fi books if they appeal to me. I love original books and three things that are really important for me in books are: the story, the characters and the world building. I love world building! Some of my favourite authors are: David Estes, Kelley Armstrong, Richelle Mead, Rachel Vincent, Karen Marie Moning.
Bio: I have studied psychology and majored in economic and consumer psychology. I am very interested in everything concerning online marketing and social media and I try very hard to find a job in that direction. At the moment I am doing an awesome internship at a publishing company of e-books and I hope to make my job of it. Besides reading I love walking and playing games. But mostly I just read or sit behind my computer. I live in the Netherlands, but would love to live somewhere with more nature. I love good food, but usually am too lazy to actually make something myself. I speak Dutch (obviously) and English (although my writing and reading of English is a lot better than when I actually try to speak). Also there might be some spelling and grammatical errors in my letters, because I am just not good with spelling and grammar and often just read over my own mistakes, so apologies for that in advance.
The type of penpal I would like: I would prefer a penpal who lives in the US, because I like reading about the US and would like to interact with someone who actually lives there. And well it would be good if you like the same books as me, but I also would like to get introduced to new books.

Penpal Number - #VAR005
Name: Pragya
Age: 18+
Blog name: Reviewing Shelf
Reviews: YA, New Adult, Mystery/Thriller, Romance, Historical Fiction
Bio: I am a 25 year old Clinical Psychologist and a avid reader and blogger. My favorite book is Anna Karenina. My latest favorite book is Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers. I love to bake, sing, dance and travel when I'm not working, reading or blogging.
The type of penpal I would like: Anyone who likes to read books. :)

Penpal Number - #VAR006
Name: Franny
Age: 18+
Blog: Mind Reader
Reviews: Urban/Dark Fantasy, Steampunk, Dystopian (occasionally), YA Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance and Dark Erotica. Occasionally I read chick-lit.
Bio: Hi, my name is Franny, I'm 33 and I live in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. I'm Italian, but I moved to London (where I lived for 4 years) in 2008 with my best friend. I started blogging two years ago, and after a long time jobless and trying to decide what to do with my own life, I started my own business, offering boutique services to independent and published authors. I have a long list of movies that I like, but my absolute favourite one is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original one). And thanks to my bff, I recently discovered a love for classics, like White Christmas and Charade. I also love cooking, which is why I spend countless time at my local Lakeland, dreaming about owning all that stuff and I like tea.
The type of penpal I would like: Although I have no problem with bloggers overseas, I'd prefer a UK pen pal, since I'd like to know more British people :).

Penpal Number - #VAR007
Name: Pabkins
Age: 18+
Blog: My Shelf Confessions
Reviews: Adult/YA/some Middlegrade - in Fantasy, Urban, paranormal, dystopian, post apocalyptic, a little romance, science fiction, some horror. I've been leaning heavily towards YA titles the past two years.
Bio: I'm 32. I've been on the book blogging scene for about two years now. I'll be attending BEA 2013 if anyone is going maybe we'll bump into each other! I'm a cantankerous kooky kinda crazy - often found tucked away somewhere reading a book, watching anime or creating some new creature. Just follow the sounds of creepy maniacal laughter....but beware my crazy is catching.
The type of penpal I would like: It would be nice to have a penpal that is not in the U.S. but I don't mind having one in the U.S either. I'm open to having multiple friends. I like to travel and who knows maybe we'll see each other someday!

Penpal Number - #VAR008
Name: Stephanie
Age: 18+
Blog: Bookfever
Reviews: Young Adult, New Adult, Adult, Paranormal Romance, Historical Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian
Bio: I'm a 21 y/o bookaholic from Belgium who loves reading and reviewing books in English. I have been reviewing books since December 2011 but have been in love with books pretty much my whole life. I also have a fascination with ancient Egypt, Greek mythology and ducks!
The type of penpal I would like: I'd love to connect with anybody around the world who loves reading as much as I do. If we happen to share anything like our country, books we love or other interest than that's just a bonus! =D

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